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> On 8/24/05, Manish Singh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Yeah, and you contradicted this statement when you said that C wasn't
> > portable enough for you. There are differing definitions of what
> > "portability" means.
> C is definitely less portable than I'd like.

I presume you mean this in the sense that you'd want to write it and
distribute it as-is for your users in this cases?  If you want, you
can always cross compile for Windows on a Linux system, and develop on
Linux.  (Not sure about vice-versa.)

Mac OS X, IIRC, comes with a compiler; Linux might, if you specify it,
but various people use deb binaries or rpms.  *sighs*

If Windows compatability isn't a issue immediately (future problem)
then, of course, Python would be the way to go for your circumstance. 
>From what I gather, many people seem to use the Python bindings.

> I really do appreciate you helping me get oriented.  That is quite
> useful -- I'm sure you've saved me days or weeks of searching the docs
> for how to make script fu work when basically I would have been wrong
> to try that route.

At least that got straightened out.

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