michael chang writes:
 > Solution: Linux/POSIX emulation layer.  Cygwin is usually used.

Actually, I think MSYS is more commonly used nowadays, or Microsoft's
own Interix. Cygwin is a bit too heavy, and has a tendency of
occasionally getting too much in your way. Please note the use of
POSIX emulation is for running the build tools (shell, sed, m4, make,
awk, expr, perl etc) only, not GIMP itself.

(It presumably is possible to build GIMP to run itself under some
POSIX emulation like Cygwin, of course, but then it isn't GIMP on
Windows, but really GIMP on yet another Unix (that just happens to be
emulated on top of Windows).)

 > You'll also need the development codes for various graphics libraries,
 > e.g. libpng-dev.  These are provided in sepearte packages (e.g. select
 > in the Cygwin Installer)

No. Cygwin's libpng etc development packages are for building Cygwin
programs. I don't think Cygwin packages stuff like libpng for
cross-development to native Win32 ("mingw"), although they do provide
the cross-compiler (gcc -mno-cygwin) and C runtime and Win32 headers
and libraries (w32api).

The www.gimp.org/win32/downloads.html page has links to Win32 packages
of the required dependencies.


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