Hal V. Engel wrote:
If all you need is enough of a Linux installation to get GIMP to build and to test GIMP then the amount of diskspace needed to do this is fairly small and you can free up a partition on your existing hard drive(s) to do this.
Good point. I thought of doing this myself, but in the past I've had to repartition my hard drive before a Linux install. Do most Linux distros now come equipped with a partition manager that can handle an NT partition and successfully resize it without destroying it? When I've previously done this, I've had to use Partition Magic which is the best proprietary software for this sort of thing, but even it had bugs in some prior versions that would crash an NT partition. If most Linux distros now come equipped with such a partition manager and I can trust that my NT partition will safely remain intact, I may reconsider my former statement. But my biggest concern is that, at present, without a partition manager, I've still got to invest another $50 on top of losses due to time. Not that that's a huge investment, but I've got other financial priorities that exceed an investment in a Partition Manager. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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