On 10/11/05, Helmut Jarausch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed that some ScriptFu scripts run just fine under 2.2.x but
> produce error messages under 2.3.5 (CVS)
> Is there a summary of API changes, possibly with hints for upgrading?

A) I have not heard this, but if it's anywhere, it probably is in the
changelog.  This is a hunch (meaning, not verified), but I'd presume
deprecated functions (stuff from the 1.x era) may have been removed,
at the very least.

B) Some people use Tiny-Fu instead of Script-Fu in 2.3.5 or so - in
this case, see the Tiny-Fu page for some recommendations.  IIRC,
Tiny-Fu hasn't, however, officially replaced Script-Fu.

An actual developer probably would have a better and/or more specific answer.
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