8bi files working on Mac and Win only (as far as i know).

I personal think a good strategie for making an xcf.8bi plugin for other apps that they enabled reading GIMP stuff ;)


improving the PSD open/save in Gimp.

No problem supporting the developer with PSD files :) i could do that.

Gimp support most of Photoshops text funtions the only thing is in Photoshop a text could be graphical text or a floating text and Photoshop enables users to change font, color and margins by a single character. That's a thing that Gimp does not support at the moment.

But it would a great if Gimp could read the text as editable text.

Campbell Barton schrieb:
Im guessing this requires wine on linux?? - not ideal. does MacOSX run win32 *.8bi files?

Also People are quick to winge that stuff dosent work properly, but slow to provide example files, pictures of the problems and how it should look. Perhaps get some example files produced by photoshop and add in some of the features bit by bit. Text seems fairly important- does gimp support most photoshop text functions?

- Cam

Bart wrote:

What about developing a format plugin that is a Photoshop compatible plugin (*.8bi). Most graphics apps area Photoshop plugin compatible and with a XCF.8bi apps like: Paintshop Pro, Corel Photopaint, XNView, Thumbd Plus, Paint Shop Pro could read GIMP files. Which was really great and making it much easier working together with others and using GIMP.

On Thursday, March 2, 2006, 13:08:04, Michael Schumacher wrote:

Up to now, there were none and using XCF in third-party apps has been
discouraged because of this - the format might change without notice.
AFAIK this hasn't changed yet.

Corel PhotoPaint 12 has some support for XCF format though.

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