First of all I have to tell I'm not a developer, but just I'm helping with
italian translation of the program.

I read all the messages that created this flame war.
Through the lines I found a few good ideas that if implemented toghether should
be a good compromise between Gimp and PS interface.

IMHO the first one is to make the image window dockable beside the toolbar.

Try to figure out the GIMP in this way you'll have the toolbar, under it the
tool options window, at their right the image window and at its right the other
dockable windows. In this way, with all windows docked toghether, it may look
like an MDI application but it's not.

In these configuration you should place in the image window (just under the menu
or just above the status bar) the tabs to switch between the images that are
opened. If you undock the image window, every image should have back it's own
window as it is in GIMP today.

Doing so every one should be able to choose to use GIMP the way they like better
docked or undocked, having one big block of attached windows or tons of windows
floating all around.

Marco Marega

"...can't buy what I want because it's free..."
                           (da "Corduroy" - Pearl Jam)
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