On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 02:39:04PM +0100, Marega Marco wrote:
> First of all I have to tell I'm not a developer, but just I'm helping with
> italian translation of the program.
> I read all the messages that created this flame war.
> Through the lines I found a few good ideas that if implemented toghether 
> should
> be a good compromise between Gimp and PS interface.
we have different definitions of "flamewar" i think.  when i read this
thread, it really seemed like a discussion to me.

there is one thing that we all were in agreement on at the lgm meeting
this last weekend.  i would like the following to be read as a simple
statement of fact and not as a means to hurt anyones feelings.

the single thing we easily agreed on is that gimp doesn't really need
new users or strive to be the most used software.  gimp is in need of
developers.  not just any developers either.  it is somewhat difficult
to get into stride with the ones that have been working on gimp for so
long.  there is a desire for elegance in the code that is not understood
by everyone.

there were several art making applications at the meeting.  everyone was
surprised at how few actual developers there were making these wonderful
and free applications.

in this very big world now, it can be confusing (i imagine) to join us
in our little part of it.  gimp has never been written with the goal of
huge masses of users that need to be pleased.  it has been written with
quality and efficiency in mind.

as a long time user, i get frustrated because many of the people who
want compromise from gimp developers have paid for photoshop instruction
either through classes or literature.  i really really found that if you
learn how gimp works, you will find yourself not limited to only gimp in
your newly acquired abilities.

it should be like changing your diet, i think.  where you discover that
certain foods hurt you even when you like them.  it takes a little
discipline and open mindedness and you can change your diet and improve

i am certain it is confusing to users of other software from other
environments.  gimp development has never ever been driven by the need
to get and show multitudes of users.  this would probably be the gnu and
the gpl in the name GNU Image Manipulation Program.  it is available to
you and you can use it but no promises or guarentees are made about it.
this seems to be more typical of GNU than of the larger group called
Open [whatever].

one thing i overheard at the meeting was that the developers did not
want to make gimp so that they themselves could not use it.

if you do not like how gimp works, i would be more than happy to provide
many other softwares that might work the way you like it to.  everyone
at the meeting who is involved with gimp seemed to be very proud of what
they have, so any suggestions that needy users make should start from
this point of view.

out of the corner of my eye, i could see the other art apps wondering
what made gimp and its developers so dynamic in this world.  i can tell
you for certain it is love and familiarity and similar vision.  i don't
think that any of the humans have a history of being overly popular
among other humans and none of us mind that either.

we did decide that if it came to a critical point, gimp would be
developed only with professionals in mind.  as someone who has spent
many hours and even years of my life advocating gimp as a graphics
teaching instrument, this is discouraging to me.  but like a change in
my diet, i would be willing to stop seeing gimp as an educational
software and change my imaginary audience to only professionals.

suggesting it work differently means that it has not actually been
effective at education and perhaps i see too much potential in human
beings to be able to learn.

in truth, there could be only the developers using this application and
it would still be developed.  it is about love and not popularity.

it should be interesting to review yourself as a user and how you
interface with this powerful application.  humans are more intelligent
than computers.  please help us to prove this first before you ask for
compromises that you think you need.  there is actual work that can and
should be done.  are you helping this or detracting from it?

help us not to start to limit gimp to only use by professionals.

to all of the new faces and old friends at the meeting, it was nice to
see you again or meet you for the first time!

thanks everyone :)


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