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> However, I think that when you use GIMP, the taskbar quickly gets
> bloated with lots of images. Would a TDI (Tabbed Document Interface)
> be very tough to implement in GIMP? TDI's have become very popular,
> and afaik lots of people agrees that TDIs are very effective for
> handling multiple documents.

We are already addressing the taskbar problem in the development
version but some more changes will be needed to get this right.

Having the possibility to combine multiple images in a single image
window using tabs is not a new idea and it has always been welcomed.
I wonder why we are discussing this again. The tabbed image window has
been suggested before and I don't think that we have ever objected
that it is a good idea and that it would fit well with the GIMP UI.
Someone just needs to implement it.

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