On 3/23/06, Alex Fernandez wrote:
> > Why do you keep using GIMP? Why don't you help Boudewijn with tracking
> > down bugs in Krita 1.5 beta2?
> Great way to attract collaborators. I guess many people love the GIMP,
> but they don't have the attitude to cooperate in its development; I
> could not be this harsh even if I tried.

I wasn't going to be any harsh, sorry if I was. Please bear in mind
that for every action there is a reason. If someone with experience of
contribution to FOSS keeps insisting that other people should change
their plans and start playing catch-up games with Adobe and use UI
approach almost everybody else has abandoned, if he keeps doing it
though it was publicly annonced that it's not going to happen, there
must be some reason why he thinks it's a good idea. And that's what
I'm trying to find out.

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