> Both questions are valid.

They are not valid. If someone said she was a KDE developer on a
Mozilla list, would you think it right to ask why is she using Firefox
instead of helping out with Konqueror?

> How would you phrase them to be less harsh?

Not making them. It is one thing to be curt and to the point; but
suggesting your users to go use something else is always harsh. To do
it with potential developers is just crazy.

How about "Hey Brendan, glad you use our program even if your primary
desktop is KDE; we would be glad to accept any patches you cared to
send our way, but our primary focus is not Photoshop emulation"?

> Please also keep in mind that many people here aren't native speakers,
> and this question wouldn't necessarily be harsh in any way in e.g.
> German (it would depend a lot on the tone to make it harsh there).

Not true. In any language they translate to "why do you keep playing
in our playground? why don't you go play in yours instead?" Not very

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