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> Hi,
> Brendan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I wonder how many times it will take to hear the "Perhaps Gimp
> > should think about having a Photoshop-mode" before we'll stop
> > defending Gimp's interface...
> How many times will it take before people realize how much work it
> would be to add and support different modes in the user interface?
> It's simply not worth it, especially since it is a widely accepted
> fact in user interface design that such modes are a bad idea.
> We can improve the GIMP UI and it will improve. But if you really
> think that the only acceptable user interface is a perfect clone of
> Photoshop, then why don't you go ahead and start a project that aims
> to create such a clone?

I am primarily a KDE hacker. I already donate piles of time to that effort, 
including writing docs. I use Gimp almost every day, but I hear it 
continuously about the need to have it at least have a PS compatibility mode, 
from graphic designers who would love to use it.
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