> > We can improve the GIMP UI and it will improve. But if you really
> > think that the only acceptable user interface is a perfect clone of
> > Photoshop, then why don't you go ahead and start a project that aims
> > to create such a clone?

Weren't people complaining about Gimpshop forking instead of trying to
help change the GIMP?

> I am primarily a KDE hacker. I already donate piles of time to that effort,
> including writing docs. I use Gimp almost every day, but I hear it
> continuously about the need to have it at least have a PS compatibility mode,
> from graphic designers who would love to use it.

Are they aware of the psmenurc which can be used to give photoshop like
keybindings?  I find it very useful but unfortunately there is no way to
set this in the user interface which is probably enough to guarantee most
users never discover it (I've added similar comments to a few bug reports
over the years).  There are a few other extension and plugins which can
help smooth the transition.

Instead of all those "Versus" articles it would be nice if a journalist
could for a change write about similarities and what functionality most
closely corresponds to what they are expecting which might help users to
adapt.  (Although like others I'd prefer if users didn't have to adapt
quite so much and if more changes were made to meet peoples expectations
unless there was a specific reasons not to accept changes.)


Alan Horkan
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