Alex Fernandez wrote:

>I have been reading many different developer mailing lists for 
>several years now, and I've seen endless bickering, flaming, 
>trolling, baiting... but this aggressive attitude towards potential 
>developers and despise for users is unheard of. It is IMHO very 
>unprofessional and steers people away from the list and the program.

>Don't get me wrong; I love the GIMP, it's a great piece of software. 
>I have even contributed a tiny patch to Peyronnet's great FFT 
>For my needs GIMP is perfect; I would love if it could grow to 
>fulfill the needs of many different people, from complete novices to
>32-bit-crazed professionals, and there is a lot of work to do. It is
>not like you can afford turning away any helping hands. People are
>usually proud of belonging to a helpful community, and are turned 
> away by impolite answers like this one.

Um, perhaps it is a matter of tone, but knowing Alexandre and working 
with him on projects, he is a: very professional b: not agressive 
with users. 

In defense of the GIMP team, they are (unfairly IMO) criticized by 
those who are not attuned to the actual state of development and 
their stated goals. 

Call it support fatigue if you will, but these kinds of issues have 
been discussed to death and the GIMP developers have clearly, in many 
places, stated their goals and their reasoning behind it. 

I think Alexandre was rightly trying to point you in a direction which 
might be more productive to achieve your wishes. (e.g.) Your 
familiarity with KDE/Qt, the Krita's team obvious need for help etc.


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