I can't understand your response. (maybe a little because of the english language)
Carol, i think you minimize the importance of users opinions in the development of a software... or maybe it's me who maximize it.
Consider how many people are faithful users of the GIMP. Each of them may have ideas or feelings to improve the program.
If you truely think that my intervention was useless I apologize because I made you waste your time. Actually I made an error: I took the wrong mailing list. In this case it would be an idea to create one called "your suggestions" (unless you think that this doesn't have good grounds to exist) and another where people could come and say how they are happy with the GIMP.
Carol, believe me, I have a great respect for the work of everybody. if the suggestions I made was interpreted as a critic (what I can understand because unlike in french the words review and critic are synonymous in english) I excuse me another time.
I will continue to use and promote this program because I like it and it do me good turns. Actually as I said in a precedent mail others have answered to my questions (Robert, Alexandre, etc). I don't insist in this way (the "review" i proposed) anymore. I will try to made a little video to show if the suggestions they gave me can be "efficient". Another time I thank them.

With respect

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