we could try to propose this as a SoC project:

- Redesign and reimplementation of Save and Export in GIMP.

  Change the semantics of Save and Save As so that images are always
  saved in the XCF file format. Only the native GIMP format really
  saves all the image information and allows to losslessly continue
  editing later. So only saving as XCF should clear the dirty flag of
  the image.

  Saving to other formats than XCF is done by exporting the image. The
  File menu should have an Export menu item (and perhaps also Export
  As). This opens a dialog that asks the user what to export. The
  projection (what you see), the active drawable, an animation based
  on the layers of the image, etc. If the image consists of a single
  layer this step can be skipped. The dialog then gives the user the
  choice of a file format including options for that format. It also
  uses a GtkFileChooser widget to pick a save location.

  The details of this Export dialog could be determined as part of the
  redesign or we could try to come up with a detailed proposal

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