Florent Monnier wrote:

> What are these funny connotations in the English language ?
> Could someone explain me ?

The results returned from Googling for "define: gimp" include these:

# lameness: disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet
# limp: walk impeded by some physical limitation or injury; "The old woman 
  down to the store every day"

* Gimp is a usually derogatory term used to refer to a (normally male) sexual 
  submissive, typically dressed in black leather (or rubber) and wearing a mask 
  of the same material. This apparel emphasises sexuality by drawing attention 
  to the crotch and chest. Sadomasochistic practice often features in the 
  of the gimp, with a partnership between gimp and dominatrix (or dominant).

The word "gimpy" is more common, it means "noticeable lameness" or
"crippled: disabled in the feet or legs".

  -- Bill

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