Martin Nordholts ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >Probably yes, but from what I remember, Shift + Click works in several
> >more parts of GIMP's UI. If so, changing it would break consistence.
> I am not sure in what way? Yes, there are other commands that are altered 
> by Shift. However, the logical relationship between Shift and non-Shift is 
> (or at least should be) that the most common use of a certain button should 
> be executed with non-Shift, and the other (less used) command with Shift.
> If you agree on that, then this improves consistence.

I don't agree. First, determining what the "most common use" of a button
is, probably is subjective at all. And even if we could determine this
in an unambigous way we'd end up basically with a list: This button
shows a dialog, this button does not. Shift toggles this. The user would
have to learn the behaviour of all the buttons by heart, since there is
no simple rule to describe the behaviour all over the application. I
wouldn't call that situation consistent (Note that I don't claim that
the current behaviour is consistent).

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