On Wed, 2006-05-31 at 22:37 +0200, Pedro Alonso wrote:

> I have designed some mockups for that tool, and I would to get some
> feedback about it.
> And you may see the mockups here:
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot1f.png
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot2f.png
> http://www.pedroalonso.es/mockups/plot3f.png

Hi Pedro,
I'm really excited about your project as I do quite a bit of digital
retouching. Here's a few tasks I'd like your tool to solve. It's quite a
list ;)


Vanishing Point (VP) is useful for retouching in perspective. Clone
objects, remove objects by duplicating repeating patterns around it.

      * Copying or cloning objects from and to different planes. This
        will require setting up multiple planes. A typical use case: I
        have a door that I want duplicated on a different side of a
        house. Will the planes define not only the perspective transform
        but also the size aspect? That would either mean having to
        define planes of the same size or have a mean to define relative
        sizes I guess. Will I be able to copy a door in front and paste
        it all the way back scaled correctly?
      * In case my previous assumption is false, I will probably need
        transform tools (scaling mostly, rotate may be useful too)
        within a transformation plane. Typical use case: I have a door I
        want to paste onto a perspective plane, yet the source door was
        much closer to the camera than the plane I'm pasting to (or
        there is another source image in a different resolution). I need
        to scale it down.
      * Being able to revisit the plane setup. Will the setup be saved
        in the XCF similarly as paths or selections are? Typical
        scenario: A client changes mind and wants 3 doors instead of
        two. Not having to set up the planes for this again is a big
        plus. Also being able to tweak the plane setup at any time is a
        plus - not every image makes it trivial to set up the planes and
        you may see your wrong setup only after pasting stuff in wrong

I'm sure things will be really tricky but I'd love all the visual
feedback to tell me I'm working in a "translated" environment. The brush
outline cursor should translate as it should. Live previews of pasted
buffers should look appropriate. Selection tools' previews (marching
ants) should be translated appropriately. The plane boundaries should be
clearly visible to illustrate the canvas will be behaving a little
differently than usual (if you really intend to use a regular GIMP image
canvas for this..). 

Random UI suggestions (very little value here ;)

My take is you probably don't need to have multiple plane setups per
image so having some sort of VP toggle similar to our quickmask would be
sufficient. Toggle it off - work just like normally. Toggle it on and
things get translated based on the planes. The tricky part is how to
provide a mean to add, remove and edit the planes that fits in the
current UI. 

Another solution would be to provide a completely separate environment
with duplicated select and clone tools. Something like how the imagemap
plugin "takes" the drawable into its hands. I believe that's how
Photoshop VP does it.

And another rather random suggestion for the "work on a regular GIMP
canvas" paradigm - when pasting a buffer coming from a VP's plane onto
an image without such setup, the buffer should be "translated" too (like
when using the corrective mode of the perspective transform tool). It
would be useful to build a "library" of objects for easy cloning in an

And finally, some more crack -- maybe it would be nice to have some
basic "mesh" objects to define instead of simple planes. Imagine you
would want to clone a grafitti onto a round tv tower top. It would be
sweet to be able to define a "sphere" made of small planes. You'd have
your source plane with the grafitti and the target sphere... 

Anyway, I wish you best of luck in what appears to be a gigantic
undertaking to me. I hope this unordered mess of thoughts was more
useful than discouraging ;)


Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Novell, Inc.

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