>From: Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>It's already ambivalent to have GIMP running on windows
>at all, I'm not interested in taking this any further
>by supporting these formats, and thereby supporting M$.
>The free software community doesn't get any support from
>them either.

I have designed speed-up improvements for PDF. There is place
for an improved format. But I hope the MS's preference is not
in copy control, i.e., that their format would be tied to DRM.

Now to the quoted text.
In my software, I have already thought of using a license
which forbids their use in Windows. I don't know the license
details yet; perhaps GPL + restriction.

The major point is that domestic computers are sold with Windows
preinstalled. I have not seen a domestic computer sold both with
Windows and Linux, or with Linux only. This is not entirely about
what people want: the Windows typically is ripped-down version
which comes with ripped-down, bannered versions of software. The
system is barely usable as standalone (not usable if you ask my

If GIMP and other major free software could not be used in Windows,
domestic users would perhaps ask for other OS. Having piracy laws
and copy control improving, would leave people no option than
purchase the products for Windows. Then the free software could be
a winner. Then the consept that major free software cannot be used
in Windows will work.

I have played recently with the idea that what if only preinstalled
OS is Linux. How many would buy Windows anymore? How many software
companies would develop for Linux because everyone would have Linux?
Suse Linux costs $70 and Windows $270 -- people would save money too.
I have got replies to above that OEM version of Windows costs less, but
I call it price dumping, bribing, breaking trade-laws to sell
products cheaper in preinstallation context. The computer manufacturers
may not get the "discount" if they dual preinstall both Windows and

How many GIMP users the world has? How many copies are downloaded
yearly? What about Photoshop? OEM/bundled versions excluded? Included?

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