On Saturday 03 June 2006 05:49 am, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> Now to the quoted text.
> In my software, I have already thought of using a license
> which forbids their use in Windows. I don't know the license
> details yet; perhaps GPL + restriction.
> The major point is that domestic computers are sold with Windows
> preinstalled. I have not seen a domestic computer sold both with
> Windows and Linux, or with Linux only. This is not entirely about
> what people want: the Windows typically is ripped-down version
> which comes with ripped-down, bannered versions of software. The
> system is barely usable as standalone (not usable if you ask my
> opinion).

Just to stand the point: here they are starting to sell computers with 
linux only on the low end market. It is a step forward, but smaller 
than it looks like. Salesperson thenselves offer to install pirated 
windows versions on these computers for a small fee, for example. 

On the other hand some of the vendors thenselves make such a crappy 
install of Linux that no one can handle using it.  Linux Magazine  
Brasil tested a low end machine by HP that came with 128MB RAM and 
1GB Swap space. The result: OpenOffice would take full 3 min. to 

And now, leaving this subject and back on what the main thread become: 
I am just finishing a 4 month course on the GIMP for people wiht 
little knowledge on computers and little wealth. All of then run 
Windows , if they have PC's - and if the GIMP did not run on windows, 
they'd have to be using some other software athome instead of the 

But, step by step we are getting there.


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