On 6/15/06, Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Making the art greyscale is a matter of running:

`mogrify -colorspace gray *png`

This is not the optimal approach.  An exact greyscale conversion such
as this loses many details of color contrast.  For example a smooth
Red->Blue gradient will be a solid white area.  There are algorithms
to convert to greyscale with different grey values for each original
color channel, these should be investigated before a wholesale
conversion is done.

As to Tango itself...  Just because one group decided to put out some
"standard" icons doesnt mean everyone should use them.  I am
ambivalent to the issue, considering nice SVG icons to be a plus, but
also considering small sharp icons handy especially when working on
embedded platforms.  And Tango's icons in particular do not appeal (or
dis-appeal) to me.  We can do better.
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