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Jakub Steiner writes:
> You can preview the looks of the new GIMP icon set here:

Nice icons! I have one comment about the SIOX icon in the light set.

In current CVS, I find that the SIOX icon looks very different from
the rest. It constantly draws my eye to it and makes me think
that it is the selected icon even when it isn't, because it's an
icon on a darker square background which makes it look a bit like
a "pushed in" button.  I was hoping this this was only temporary and
would change in the new icon set, but it looks like the SIOX icon
hasn't changed as much as the others.

Would it be possible to make its background lighter, or even get rid
of the background, to make its style better match the other buttons?

Personally I think  replacing the background with a dithering pattern would be appropriate.. or halving it's alpha. (I prefer the dithering cause it is reasonably well known as a way of denoting disabled items/ unimportant items)..
re: dithering, I meant a pattern like this:

where x is completely solid and - is completely transparent.

I'm ambivalent about the outside frame.. I think it needs to go to eliminate the pressed-button look, but it doesn't jump out at me like the BG.

Also, jimmac, what prompted the reduction of the outline contrast on the FGselect icons? Just that it was difficult to make work at the lower sizes?

The crop tool icon is a bit more incomprehensible than the previous icon.. which I eventually came to recognize on occasion as a scalpel. It could work better to emphasize the cutting edge by making the blade darker and flat, highlighting the edge in near-solid white... Or maybe it's meant to look like a razor.. In any case, I think that killing some of the shading and emphasizing the edge is wise.

Otherwise, most of these are a big improvement.. particularly in clarity and sharpness, I appreciate the pixeling skill involved. (the brightness/contrast icon is about perfect particularly. ). I like the new colors much better too.

One other thing.. I don't really apprehend the paint in the paintbucket as paint. It's not that it's diffusely shiny, more that it's so rectangular.. if you made a semi-isolated drip at the end, i think it could be solved that way.
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