I e mentioned once or two that when the script-fu and python-fu 
scripts where brought togetehr to teh same menu space as the C 
filters there would be confusion about which menu entry is associated 
with a script in which language.

I have been normally replied that "it does not matter" for the end 
user in which language the script is in.

Well...it _does_ matter.
The specif\c language matters little, but there are some side-effects. 
Knowing which package brought which filter is more still important 
(and also impossible in the current "everything mixed" system)

Now I just stumbled into an 'interesting' bug arising from this 
Python-fu Whirl and Pinch had overwritten the menu entry for C Whirl 
and Pinch (moreover Python whirl and pinch is currently crashing)

Please notice there is no way a normal user can be aware of situations 
like this. Actually, it is almost as annoying (to say the least) as 
win95 and beyond "feature" of not showing the image file extensions 
in the file browsers.

But even win95 has different icons for different kinds of images. The 
GIMP currently has just no clue.

SO, I am bringing this subject to discussion once more, and asking 
about adding a small icon to menu entries, or some other indicator to 
tell users which entry came from where.


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