On Tue, 2006-06-27 at 16:02 +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:

> > initially set the generated image to "clean". It seems unnecessary to
> > prompt for "save" when closing an unmodified logo; the logo can easily
> > be regenerated with the same values by re-running the script.
> I've considered this before, it would probably be a good idea.  The only
> reason I could come up with as to why you might want to mark the image as
> dirty/modified was in cases where there was a stack full of undo steps the
> user might want to play with.  I generally prefer to allow easier
> modification of things laterby providing seperate layers.

Yes, it is propably a good idea.  But can we please focus on one issue?
I would really like to get a patch that only changes the blurbs and
marks them for translation. Other changes will be considered, but please
submit them separately.


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