On 8/14/06, Henk Boom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've recently finished implementing the saving and loading of these
layers to the GIMP's XCF files, so they are in a usable state. I would
very much like any constructive feedback you have, especially with
regards to how you would like the stroke / fill dialog to behave. This
dialog is my next focus, as although it works now, it's not anywhere
near ideal.

While the fill/stroke dialog could stand some improvement, I think that being able to duplicate vector layers properly is more important for usability; currently any duplicates behave like ordinary pixel-based layers, therefore do not keep up to date with changes to their base vector.

paths dialog and select "Path to vector layer". This acts like a
regular layer except that it auto-updates to reflect changes in the
path it was made from and its stroke and fill settings.

I suggest delaying updating the vector layers until the user releases the mouse button as they edit the base path; Editing paths used by vector layers is currently rather sluggish.

Vector layers are always edited by changing the path they are based
on, so if you go do other stuff you need to manually double-click the
path. I am thinking of automating this when you double-click the
vector layer, but I might reserve that for opening the stroke / fill
options instead.

While presently vector layers are useful as a drawing tool, they would approach the usefulness of normal layers if they could be moved. As far as I understand, information about any necessary transformations can be stored in the form of a single transformation matrix (as a parasite?)

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