On 24/08/06, graffoo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Wooow man! I'm sooooooo happy that vector layers are coming in Gimp. But
since I don't know how to compile it under winxp I have a question about
fill. Can it be also a gradient fill? I haven't seen a simple screenshot
of your work, just waitin for it to be in next major gimp release, like
healing brush...

I forgot to link to my site, where I have some shots of this up and running:
The stuff near the bottom is newest.

Currently only solid fills work, (okay, patterns __sort_of__ work, you
just can't choose the pattern effectively) though I would like to have
gradients/patterns supported as well. Also, it turns out that vector
layers will probably not make it into 2.4, although they will most
likely be waiting to go into 2.6.

       Henk Boom
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