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private, and expect private responses. (see: )

On Tuesday 29 August 2006 13:14, Carol Spears wrote:
> hello,
> when i put together the people for the gtk+ planet, i limited it to only
> those who had contributed for the current version cycle.

I disagree with this strategy. First of all, because it may imply that people 
that did not contribute for the next version will be removed. And secondly, 
because many people contributed in the past and are worth mentioning.

> ugly maybe is a better word to describe people who make minimum
> contributions and have maximum opinions and needs.

This is not the case for me. I've made many past and present contributions to 
the GIMP. And I never had maximum opinions and needs.

> 'not my taste' is better to describe web page formating.

Perhaps. But I believe most people will find it "not their taste", which in 
this case will make it "ugly". And the usability problems I've mentioned are 
perfectly objective issues.

And just to match my requests with code, if you'll give me a pointer to the 
code of the planet, I will perform the necessary changes.

Carol, will you stop being so annoying? You're doing more harm than good, your 
logic sucks, and you seem to have a grudge against the entire world. Please 
stop, or I'll recommend and support that you'll no longer have access to the facilities, and that all posts from you to the gimp mailing lists 
will be moderated. 

> thanks for your continued contribution,

You're welcome.


        Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish      [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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