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> On Tuesday 29 August 2006 13:14, Carol Spears wrote:

> > when i put together the people for the gtk+ planet, i limited it to 
> > only those who had contributed for the current version cycle.
> I disagree with this strategy. First of all, because it may imply that
> people that did not contribute for the next version will be removed. 
> And secondly, because many people contributed in the past and are worth 
> mentioning.

IMO it is worth mentioning that we did discuss a similiar distinction for the 
GIMP about dialog during LGM. Right now, it looks like GIMP has a huge amount 
of active developers. This may explain why some people think that we're 
turining down enhancement requests because we don't like them, while the reason 
is we just don't have the manpower. So carol's trategy doesn't sound like the 
worst possible metric to me.

Likewise, the feeds provided at gimp.org should be about people involved with 
GIMP. Originally there was one feed for the active developers and and for 
active users. IMO it should also be limited to posts in the respective person's 
gimp- or graphics-related categories. For example, we do not need to relay 
conspiracy theories or nationalist thoughts.


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