On 9/28/06, Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>    In Current CVS, you have to press alt+shift or alt+control to actually
>    move the pixels with a selection tool. Nobody does that accidentially,
>    and it's a powerful tool for power users. I see no reason to remove it.

A feature being useful doesn't justify its misplacement in the command
structure. Maybe that is stating things a bit harshly but "selection
operations" should be limited to operating on selections. I am a great
fan of overloading commands but there needs to be some basic and
comprehensible limits to what groups of commands do, otherwise they
cease to be "groups".

How is it any more of a "power tool" to hold ALT+CTRL while a Selection
Tool is active versus pressing another key (such as "M") to activate a
Move Tool? Especially since the result is a floating selection for which
"selecting" will no longer be of any use (you can either Anchor or
continue to Move). 

And if moving the selection contents is such a useful tool to have at
one's disposal (with which I would heartily agree), why is it an almost
hidden auxiliary function of the Selection Tool -- with no equivalent
elsewhere in the toolbox?

OFF-TOPIC: A screenshot of the Move Tool "double option" window is
available at http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Screenshots/Move.png 

That was compiled from Monday's CVS. I will try rebuilding this weekend.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do 
not care who gets the credit." -- Harry S. Truman

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