While "moves" might not be considered to be within the category of
Transformations, they are commonly associated with them. A google of
"CAD translations and transformations" will readily display how the two
operations are commonly paired. Perhaps a better question to ask would
be what graphics programs *don't* associate these operations?

Regarding the current user interface (in CVS), I fail to see any logic
in having the selection tools possessing the ability to move selection
contents, it is much simpler and more intuitive if they limit themselves
to selecting regions and not engage in modifying drawables.

A minor related note: the Affect Selection option of the Move Tool
displays two identical "Move Selection" options, both of which are
always(?) grayed out.

I understand the tools are under development and am not complaining; the
work being done is most excellent and I look forward to the time these
usability issues are resolved. 

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