On 05.10.2006 07:54, Williams, Andrew wrote:
With some difficulty I built Gimp 2.3.7 with Python using MinGW on Win XP. Make and make install completed without error.

Gimp starts, but there is no Python in the Toolbars/Xtns menu (or any others); Script explorer shows NO python scrips.

You need to make GLib's g_file_test() aware of additional 'executables'
by adding .PY to the PATHEXT environment variable. See:

I did NOT disable-python. My python 2.4.2 has all the +gtk* installs. The gimp python plugin files all appear to be installed correctly. There are no startup error messages. (And I can import gimp from python.) (Also, my \msys\local\lib\gimp\2.0\environ\pygimp.env and ..\interp\pygimp.interp appear to be ok.)

Using the prebuilt Python 2.4 may be a problem as well cause it links with a newer C-runtime than gtk+ (msvcr71.dll vs. msvcrt.dll). I'm not sure if mixing runtimes is fatal for gimp python plug-ins, but at least when embedding Python in Dia this is definitely a problem. See also:


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