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Scott wrote:
> And directory paths. Probably a gtk issue, but why? A case in point is
> the gtkam application, which has been "updated" to use the gtk
> stuff. In the previous version, I would always save my digicam photos
> to, eg, ~/photos/2006/10. And it would remember between instances, so
> I'd only have to worry about changing anything when the next month
> rolled around, and then the next year. Now, it defaults *every stupid
> time* to my home directory and I have to waste numerous key/mouse
> strokes to get to where I want to be. The Gimp has been similar in its
> forgetfullness forever. Again, a tool which will remember what I want
> it to do will be appreciated as a wise tool. Take a look at the way
> Gqview does directories. Then wonder why most users use it as a
> front-end to get their pictures into the gimp to edit. Then ponder why
> the gimp couldn't do that itself....

You can use bookmarks in the Open Image dialog to quickly flip to
directories. Not that this is exactly what you want, but it's more
convenient than having to browse to a particular directory from scratch.

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