On Mon, 2006-10-30 at 15:01 -0700, Scott wrote:

> I have yet to hear any feedback regarding my idea of allowing the
> options for a tool like the current "crop" to be customised by the
> user to make it do what s/he wants it to do as a normal case.

GIMP allows you to configure the default values for all tool options. It
even allows you to save them as named settings so you can have several
settings per tool.

> Just a small case in point: The Save As menu as applied to jpeg
> images. I personally am always saving these for use on the web. Do I
> want to save the "thumbnail" and "exif" information to bloat my
> images? Of course not. Do I always have to click the "advanced
> options" button to turn these off? Yes, I do. Why? Why can't I set
> these to the defaults that make sense to *me*? 

Because noone has implemented this yet. There's a long-standing bug
report for it. This holds true for almost everything that you are
ranting about. A little search on Bugzilla would have shown that we are
aware of all these issues and plan to improve them as time permits.


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