Scott schreef:
Okay, I'm ashamed to admit that I don't even know what a bugzilla
is. I guess I always thought a "bug" was something that actually made
a program non-functional, rather than the things that make it only
function at a sub-par level, so I wouldn't have even thought to look
in a "bug report" for interface details. Sorry to have wasted anyone's
time. Keep up the good work.

In a sense you were right.

Projects need to track bugs (in the narrow sense of the word, like what you think of as a bug) but also feature requests, interface improvements and other issues. The way to track all those things turns out to be exactly the same, so it makes sense to put all of them in the same issue tracker instead of having a bug tracker and a feature request tracker etc. Because of that, all these issues are often called bugs, even if that is not 100% technically correct.

Gimp's bug tracker is Bugzilla and can be found at Bugzilla is used in many open source projects (and presumably many other projects as well) and was first created for the Mozilla project; it has its own website at

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