I strongly agree that the features that you have requested (i.e. better brush
engine, rotatable canvas) would be extremely helpful in digital painting.

The only thing I would like to add is the possibility to pan the image freely
within the image window, not only up to the image boundaries. That also makes
painting a lot more comfortable.

Also a shortcut for changing the brush settings like opacity, size, alpha and
other dynamics etc. might be useful. Something similiar to the tool options that you get when pressing SPACE in ZBrush (ZB GUI example:

I think those features combined with the coming GEGL integration would really
make the GIMP stand out from its competitors.

Thanks a lot!


Here is what I would like to see in Gimp. I hope that some of it can be of use.
 - Kasper

1) The ability to rotate the canvas freely is very important to
graphic artists. I don't know how cucumbersome/impossible it would be,
but if it's even close to possible, please look into it.

2) Some work on a big, nasty brush engine would be good. Or maybe just
the ability to change the brush size?

3) An automatic color history, where all the colors which has been
used in a document are stored. The list could be sorted by how often
the color has been used, last time it was usedb (default), or by color
values such as hue, saturation or brightness.

4) Smooth zooming, where you move the curser up to zoom in, and down
to zoom out.

5) It would be handy if I could change the Gimp's language after the

6) Let the user chose from a number of keyboard shortcut presets, Such
as a Photoshop preset, a Gimp standard preset and others.

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