Sven Neumann wrote:

>> Please think about why the value of "ProofingIntent" is 

The Problem is that ProofingIntent is an ambiguous term.  Does it mean 
"The intent whose effect we wish to simulate on screen", or "The intent 
used when mapping from printer to screen"?

Assuming the intention within GIMP is to map as follows:
RGB -> (Softproof intent) -> Printer -> (Display intent) -> Monitor
then GIMP does indeed currently have these reversed.

This can be proved by setting both RGB and Monitor profiles to sRGB, and 
the Print Simulation profile to USWebCoatedSWOP (or any other D50 output 

Since the printer profile's whitepoint is 5000K and the Monitor's 
whitepoint is 6500K, then changing the Display rendering intent to 
"Absolute Colorimetric" should produce a yellow cast, matching screen 
white with the yellower paper white.

In fact, what currently happens is that a blue cast is added.  Setting 
the Softproof intent to Absolute Colorimetric instead, causes a yellow 
cast, but should cause a blue one.  Thus, these two parameters are 
currently reversed.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson
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