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> Well, I don't know why. All I can do is look at the header file and
> documentation of littleCMS. What you are saying looks like there is a
> bug in lcms. Either the code or the header file is wrong. Or we are
> simply misinterpreting things. Perhaps it would be a good thing to bring
> this up on the lcms mailing-list. If you do that, please add me to the
> Cc.
> Sven

I think that there is a difference of recognition to "ProofingIntent" in
between us and them.

In "LCMSAPI.TXT", they are describing in the explanation of
"cmsCreateProofingTransform" function 
as follows:

> ProofingIntent: Is the intent for translating emulated colors.
>                 Default is INTENT_ABSOLUTE_COLORIMETRIC. 

I guess that four words "into Output color space" are missing. 

# I forgot to explain the following in the last message.
# They are the one having described it based on an actual function
#   [Input]->(Intent)->[PCS]->(Intent*1)->[Proofing]->
#         ->(Rel. colorimetric)->[PCS]->(ProofingIntent)->[Output]
# *1 If Intent is Absolute colorimetric, it is replaced with Relative
# In the above chart, if ProofingProfile is NULL, the chart is changed as
#   [Input]->(Intent)->[PCS]->(Intent)->[Output]

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