Since Sven proposed discussing 2.4 in mailing list and none of my
questions/proposals are reflected in the bugzilla, here they are.
Before you read any further, please note that I'm not trying to look
smarter than you, I'm just initiating discussion ;-) Please prove me
wrong where I am wrong.

1. Is it planned to have separate+ as part of 2.4? There was some
mentioning of it in gimp-developer@, but the thread came from some
other mailing list or a private discussion, so no clues.

2. If it is planned to have separate+ as part of 2.4, we need a better
place for its menu entries and a better integration into core (more

3. Is it planned to support OpenIcc's initiative to look for profiles
in /usr/color/icc and ~/color/icc on Linux and standard profiles
directories on other systems? If no, why?

4. If the answer to 3) is "yes", is it planned to implement reading
device classes from ICC profiles and group profiles in comboboxes in
"Color management" tab of Preferences dialog, showing names and not
filenames, which would improve usability? If it is planned to have
separate+ as part of 2.4 and make GIMP read device classes, then
Separate/Proof/Save dialogs will have to be redesigned in a consistent
manner as well (more below).

5. Main question: is color management going to be enabled by default
in 2.4? With Scribus we found out that users actually demand it (on
all platforms) and that it is safe, if sane defaults are used.

Now on separate+ plug-in.

If there are some requirements it doesn't meet to be part of 2.4, what
are those?

Currently the functionality is spread across 5 dialogs:

1. Duotone. Traditionally people would expect this in
<Image>/Image/Mode, but this duotone is not a real image mode, but an
emulation. What would be the best place to your mind?

2. Proof. This should live in some obvious place in <Image>/Image/.
Only context valid profiles should be suggested (see question 4

3. Save. Ideally, this should be a "CMYK separated TIFF image" option
in Save/Save As/Save As Copy dialogs. Only context valid profiles
should be suggested (see question 4 above).

4. Separate (normal). I don't know, what's the best place in menu is.
What do you think?

5. Separate (to Colour). Same as above.

I would also merge "normal" and "to Colour" into one dialog with a
combobox or a radiobuttons group to switch between them and a hint
explaining the difference.

It would be great hearing from you.

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