On 1/13/07, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I thought about having it in 2.4 but I think it's probably best
> distributed seperately until we find the time to integrate it properly.
> Since we are almost ready for 2.4, we should probably not add any new
> plug-ins at this point.

Makes sense.

> > 3. Is it planned to support OpenIcc's initiative to look for profiles
> > in /usr/color/icc and ~/color/icc on Linux and standard profiles
> > directories on other systems? If no, why?
> Yes, we plan to support it at some point. But it's too late to implement
> this for 2.4. Fortunately though we are planning to release 2.6 shortly
> after and that should give us the chance to add a proper ICC profile
> selection widget that can be used from the core and from plug-ins.

Is it possible to at least default to /usr/share/color/icc or
~/.color/icc on unixes in current dialog?

> > 5. Main question: is color management going to be enabled by default
> > in 2.4? With Scribus we found out that users actually demand it (on
> > all platforms) and that it is safe, if sane defaults are used.
> Not sure yet. It depends on how well it works by then and if we manage
> to find sane defaults.

You can reuse default settings in Scribus (those applicable ones) ;-)

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