The functions included in Separate+ are jointly used, so I think that
it is appropriate that those are placed in the same submenu.

I don't understand where the "Separate" menu should be placed.
However, I don't have the sense of incompatibility very much even if it
is in a present place.

> Only context valid profiles should be suggested (see question 4
> above).

It isn't what I should do.
Appropriate widget will be added to the GIMP's core in the future. Then
I will use it. 

> I would also merge "normal" and "to Colour" into one dialog with a
> combobox or a radiobuttons group to switch between them and a hint
> explaining the difference.

Try Separate+ (20070115).
I'm not good at English, and pardon the incompleteness of the
explanation, please.


Yoshinori Yamakawa
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