Aurimas wrote:

> I've worked on a similar plug-in. It would be very interesting to hear
> some comments on it as I am planning to improve it. Here is a short
> introduction: 
> saveforwebid4.jpg
> Peter, could you tell if it fits in save for web scenarios and what
> could be changed to make it better.

I can tell you that in a couple of weeks when we have evaluated
our way through the web scenarios. Then I have build up a better
understanding of the task and discussed it through.

- that in-dialog cropping looks like a very uncomfortable way
   to do that to me;
- the file size should be always displayed very near the quality
   slider (cause and effect);
- simply display the Size in the fields that are now called
   Resize now without the open/close triangle, and remove the
   other size display;
- why can't the plug-in figure out which combination of
   Optimise/Progressive/Baseline will produce the smallest
   file size, and let me select that as Smallest?
- where is that nifty GIMP quick navigation widget in the
   corner of the scroll bars?

>> > BTW, some apps have web export dialogs with side by side
>> > panes original/compressed. I found toggling between
>> > original/preview in the same view to be superior if
>> > you want to spot JPG artifacts. It's important it can
>> > happen with a single click.
>> Yep, well observed...

You see, I am already changing my mind here what is the essence
of the image preview. It is not original pic vs. compressed jpg,
it is compressed jpg vs. file size. The compressed jpg stands on
its own. The pristine original pic is not going to be there to
compare with, when the jpg is placed at its destination (the
website). The central question for the user is 'what am I going
to get away with?' The answer to that depends on a dozen factors
which all have to be assessed via the users internal value system
to get to a decision.

So I think, right now, that the all the image area should be used
to preview the jpg, with a Preview checkbox, for the users like
Thorsten who want to do original/jpg comparisons.


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