On 2/24/07, Mark Lowry wrote:
> It would be useful to add a temporary magnifying window that would
> provide a zoomed-in view of the area immediately surrounding the cursor.
> This could be accessed, for example, by pressing SHIFT+Z, upon which a
> small window would open up and display the area around the cursor.  The
> window that pops up could have some check boxes for the amount of
> magnification to be used (1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, etc.).

 I really _miss_ this feature! One of the things I do all the time, is
selecting rectangular regions from an image, with pixel perfect
precision and then copy + paste as new. To achieve the pixel perfect
precision, I have to zoom in a lot (10x and maybe more) and try at the
same time to make a selection of an area which doesn't even fit my
screen. It's hard and irritating.
 The important things in implementing something like this are:
1) You have to have an unobstructed view of the image (that's why I
don't like peter sikking's proposal)
2) You must be able to see the outline of the brush or the cursor
position, in the zoomed in view and the zoomed in view should follow
the normal view (that's why a second zoomed in view of the image, with
View->New View, wouldn't work)

 How about another tab that shows the zoomed in view, with the above
characteristics and a key that when you press it and the zoom tab is
enabled, it would raise this tab on the front? Of course, finding a
key would be difficult... Can ctrl for example be used for this
purpose without affecting its use from the other tools? Should be?
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