IMO, you definitely need to see the mouse cursor in
the magnified view, and you should be able to interact
with it.

Windows has a magnifier that uses a second window for
the magnified display.  The good is that the cursor
shows up in the enlarged view ... the bad is that the
window takes up so much room on your screen and you
have to relocate it frequently while you work.  You
can dock it on the edges of the screen or have it
float, however.

If you want to see/try the Windows implementation, it
is under

Here's a screen shot of the Windows version in action.

The Windows version is not "bad", but improvements
could be made and I don't know if other operating
systems have such a tool.  A version that resides in
GIMP and is designed with retouchers in mind would be
a very nice feature, I think.

--- Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> how should tool interaction work with this? Would
> you want to see the
> mouse cursor in the magnified view? Should you able
> to interact in it or
> is it just a view?
> Sven

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