> how should tool interaction work with this? Would you want to see the
> mouse cursor in the magnified view? Should you able to interact in it or
> is it just a view?

IMO, there should be a fixed crosshair or something in the center of
the "zoom window" that corresponds to the cursor.  As the tool moves
around the image, the image scrolls but the crosshair does not move.

I do not think there needs to be be any interaction, other than being
able to set the magnification level desired - either in prefs or in
the window itself.

I'm not sure whether it would be best to implement it as a pop-up as
suggested, or as a dialog.  I'd probably vote for some type of toggle
on the existing navigation window, or a new dialog similar to the nav
window.  I would probably find the pop-up annoying after a time.

Just my 2¢,
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