peter sikking writes:
> what I am asking myself is 'does this thing need to be circular?

XEphem has a magnifier in some of its views, like the moon view.
It's just a square with a yellow border, and you can drag the mouse
around and magnify different parts of the image in real time.

I don't find it very useful in xephem because there's not enough
detail to be worth magnifying, but I'd love a quick way in GIMP of
saying "Show me what this small region looks like at full size, even
though the image window is zoomed out at 33%." In GIMP, as Sven
already said, you can get more useful information than a mere screen
magnifier could give.

I think that might be a different use case from what's being
discussed here, though, because seeing a brush cursor doesn't make
much sense in this model. I'd be moving the mouse around
to select what area gets zoomed, not to paint or do other
operations. If I want to see both zoomed and normal views while
I'm actually painting, opening a second view works fine for me.

Chris Mohler writes:
> I'm not sure whether it would be best to implement it as a pop-up as
> suggested, or as a dialog.  I'd probably vote for some type of toggle
> on the existing navigation window, or a new dialog similar to the nav
> window.  I would probably find the pop-up annoying after a time.

I'd use a popup but I wouldn't use a dialog. If it was a dialog that
I had to position on the screen and dismiss later, I'd just as soon
open a new view and zoom it. Especially if there were other
preliminary steps, like the select-a-region step Peter described.

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