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> peter sikking writes:
>> what I am asking myself is 'does this thing need to be circular?
> XEphem has a magnifier in some of its views, like the moon view.
> It's just a square with a yellow border, and you can drag the mouse
> around and magnify different parts of the image in real time.
> http://shallowsky.com/tmp/xephem-moon-view.jpg
> I don't find it very useful in xephem because there's not enough
> detail to be worth magnifying, but I'd love a quick way in GIMP of
> saying "Show me what this small region looks like at full size, even
> though the image window is zoomed out at 33%." In GIMP, as Sven
> already said, you can get more useful information than a mere screen
> magnifier could give.
> I think that might be a different use case from what's being
> discussed here, though, because seeing a brush cursor doesn't make
> much sense in this model. I'd be moving the mouse around
> to select what area gets zoomed, not to paint or do other
> operations. If I want to see both zoomed and normal views while
> I'm actually painting, opening a second view works fine for me.
> Chris Mohler writes:
>> I'm not sure whether it would be best to implement it as a pop-up as
>> suggested, or as a dialog.  I'd probably vote for some type of toggle
>> on the existing navigation window, or a new dialog similar to the nav
>> window.  I would probably find the pop-up annoying after a time.
> I'd use a popup but I wouldn't use a dialog. If it was a dialog that
> I had to position on the screen and dismiss later, I'd just as soon
> open a new view and zoom it. Especially if there were other
> preliminary steps, like the select-a-region step Peter described.

just a quick thought following from an earlier comment. As an aid to  
getting pixel precision on a larger area than could be displayed in one go  
at a sufficient resolution.

If the mouse wheel is configured like googleEarth zoom, could this provide  
a way to pinpoint with pixel accuracy each corner of the rectangle without  
the need for a loupe?

Scroll zoom , select rectangle vertex 1, zoom out, find second part in  
image, zoom in, click second defining vertex.

Currently the zoom is disabled while the mouse button is down.

I'll let Peter suggest the best way implement this. Whether by allowing  
mouse scroll events while left button is depressed , or by some other  
selection means.

Currently I dont see a way to select a rectangle larger than the visible  
area without compromising precision.


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