I managed to correct the problem in my code (but see below).
Thanks for the suggestions.

> On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 14:16 -0300, Luis A. Florit wrote:
> >
> >
> > Unfortunately, this plugin has several bugs
> If you can point out bugs in the tutorial, we would love to hear
> about them so that they can be corrected. What exactly do you think
> is incorrect?

About the bugs I found, I will refer to the code in:

that is linked in

These are the bugs I can remember now. Probably some of these are not
bugs... apologies then.

1) The bottom bar of the main window becomes blue when the dialog appears.

2) The function process_row does not use the last parameter i.

3) Ok, this is the serious one: The whole blurred region is shifted 1
pixel down. To check this, create a new white image with a single
black pixel in the middle, and blur it with radius=1. Go back and
forth and you will see the 3x3 gray square shifting down. I think this
is due to the effect of the 'shuffle' function (isn't any better way
than to use this function??).

The 'solution' I found was to replace line 241:

    x1, y1,


    x1, y1+1,

But it is not a real solution since the last line of a selection is
blurred taking into account the next one, that does not belong to the


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