On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 23:04 -0300, Luis A. Florit wrote:

> These are the bugs I can remember now. Probably some of these are not
> bugs... apologies then.
> 1) The bottom bar of the main window becomes blue when the dialog appears.

Looks like progress handling needs to be improved in the plug-in. It
shouldn't call gimp_progress_set_value() when drawing a preview.

> 2) The function process_row does not use the last parameter i.

How is that a problem?

> 3) Ok, this is the serious one: The whole blurred region is shifted 1
> pixel down. To check this, create a new white image with a single
> black pixel in the middle, and blur it with radius=1. Go back and
> forth and you will see the 3x3 gray square shifting down.

Again, how is that a problem? This example code is meant to illustrate
some concepts of GIMP plug-in development, in particular how to add a
preview to your plug-in window. It is not meant to perform any useful
image manipulation.

It would be nice though if someone could have a look at the tutorial and
update the example code. The user interface looks somewhat outdated as
the code originates back to gimp 2.0. We could probably improve the look
and feel of third-party plug-ins if we made sure that the example code
on developer.gimp.org serves as a good example.


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