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On Mon, 19 Mar 2007 23:35:30 -0300, "Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris"

> You see, the GIMP is not exactly with exceeding developer resources, 
> and every single person I see trying to approach the project either 
> here or over bugzilla gets a rude answer that might have turned then 
> away for good. Examples from the last 48 hours include a "help 
> yourself" (bug #329020 - 2007-03-20), "we don't take bug reports 
> against outdated development versions anyway." (bug #420170, 
> 2007-03-19) 

To be honest, as a lurker, I find the whole "let's endlessly debate
how to be polite to users" a huge putoff, and indicative of problems within
the GIMP developer community. Much more so than a terse response, or even a
slightly rude "You have a brain, now use it. Here's a hint" style of response.

Let's just end this with "Try to be more polite, and provide pointers
on the correct thing to do instead of just saying no."

This whole debate is a waste of time, effort, and I'm probably not 
helping by posting this.

Please, everyone, just stop acting childish, this isn't worth debating.

/me gets back to lurking.

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