yep, Gimp's team has its own reputation : not very opened to outside 
things. may be this is not completely true, for examplegimp's team has 
been opened to join LGM instead of going on with the GimpCons.

I guess nobody is responsible and everyone can be. The fact can Gimp is 
a quite huge and complex software, and now existing for a long time, is 
the first explanation for not seeing new contributors. Everyone trust 
gimp's team quality ;)

But it is true that Gimp has many user. The trouble is how to have 
feedback from users (this is one of the FOSS basis), and in the same be 
able to evaluate the quality of the feedback without judging.

As a graphic designer, and with all the efforts i like to do, i cannot 
reach the level is needed to expose seriously the bug i get. I learned 
thisyear how to do a gdb, and i'm following Gimp/Scribus/Inkscape each 
for years now. And i succeed to do this backtrace only because Bryce and 
ACSpike took two night to explain me. And even when we report, it is 
hard to see if our bug is an existing or a new, just because we are 
never completely sure it is a bug!
Just have in mind that any other user will be less involved than i am, 
and that, for them, doing a report is a very impressive task. Even if it 
is bad reported.

it is sure that the more gimp is used, the more the gimp will receive 
junk reports. But is it a good option to say (as i heard recently) that 
gimp's team never wishes to have more users. Now that Krita is existing 
and people taking interest in it, may be the Gimp it self could be in 
danger and IMO that could be a big loss for FOSS.

I don't have any advise to give to contributors, and noone to blame. I 
know that i've sometimes been hurt by some rude behavior (or what i 
interpreted as so). I'm convinced so this doesn't really hurt me, and i 
don't forget that i'm using only FOSS that are mostly coded by 
volunteer, and i'm sure i don't thank them enough for that. But i guess 
other people will react another and just turn the head.

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